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Sales: Tony Jacobs
email: atjacobs(at)rfinet.net

Tech Support: James Tzyy
email: jtzyy (at) rfinet.net

Support and Downloads

Download the driver you need for your network adapter and the most up-to-date firmware version for device upgrade from the Sparklan Support page. Includes Windows and Linux drivers and User Guides.

Industry Overview

ETS is working closely with strategic market innovators to meet their requirements for high performance, multi-mode. multi-frequency antennas. Their current Concept 2000 antennas come in three small unique packages that give developers of small WLAN product flexibility when designing in antennas. ETS's most unique antenna design is the flexible circuit antenna that can adhere to any surfaces. This flex circuit Concept 2000 antenna comes with an adhesive backing making it easy to incorporate into a small product package.

ETS provides innovative solutions for today's customer requirements. Working with its customers, ETS has designing next generation antennas to meet needs of the Ultra wide band, 802.11 and cellular product developers. ETS has an antenna solution for each of these requirements


ETS designs, manufactures and supplies quality products on time and in accordance with the customer's requirements. This policy is achieved through experienced, quality conchous management and a company-trained workforce all harmonized to achieve the goal of quality. ETS have been assessed and registered by National Quality assurance Limited against the provisions of GB/T 19001-2000 - ISO 9001:2000 Standard. Building on our successful strategy of quality, innovation and cost effectiveness, ETS aims to continue providing new and existing customers with world class quality products.