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OMNI Collinear Pole Antenna (ETS 05-2400-V)

ETS 05-2400-V collinear dipole antenna The ETS 05-2400-V is a collinear dipole antenna suitable for IEEE 802.11 b, g and Bluetooth. It is a vertically polarized medium gain omni directional antenna carefully designed to give outstanding RF performance.

The antenna is intended for in-building or outside use and is made of materials chosen to give it a long operational life even under the harshest weather conditions. The polycarbonate tube enclosure and coax cable are UV protected and plenum rated.

This highly efficient, 5dBi omni directional antenna is suitable for wall, ceiling or pole mounting. Its pattern will provide excellent coverage within a building or in open space.

The ETS 05-2400-V is available with BNC Female, SMA Female, N-Type Female or your choice of connector. The standard cable length is three feet but available at any length.

Download performance and specification document (Word doc - 1.2MB)