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Eurotec Technical Solutions Limited is proactive in developing new products. ETS is studying the affects of radiation relative to material characteristics and their distribution around the radiating elements of the antenna. In conjunction with these studies ETS is actively seeking interest in the Concept 2000+ Patented triple band antenna which is specifically designed for mobile communication with efficiencies greater than 90%. In addition, ETS single pole mounted base station antenna can improve coverage and eliminate nulls in propagation, which is a characteristic of current designs.


Pole Antennas

ETS 05-2400-V - OMNI Collinear Pole Antenna

Embedded Antennas

ETS 10-2425-D - 2.4 GHz - 2.5 GHz OMNI Monopole embedded Antenna

ETS 10-2459-D - 2.4 GHz - 2.5 GHz and 4.9 GHz - 5.9 GHz Dual Band OMNI Monopole embedded Antenna