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TagMaster: RFID provider "TagMaster was founded in 1994 and is based in Kista, Sweden. TagMaster designs and markets long-range radio frequency identification (RFID) products and information services associated with automatic identification. Our products can be installed license-free all over the world, they are easy to integrate and provide excellent reading properties for non-contact solutions with long ranges. Application areas for TagMaster's products include vehicle access and parking, public transportation, logistics and security. Through a global network of partners, system integrators and distributors, TagMaster exports to Europe, Asia and North America. TagMaster currently has more than 1,000 installations globally, often integrated with systems from one of our partners.

"It is our aim to assume a leading role in terms of RFID technology for the most demanding applications, where the savings potential for the end customer is crucial. To accomplish this, TagMaster takes the role of a pure product supplier, a partner with major companies and a developer of new concepts that require RFID technology. We have an organisation that can continue to develop our company, to create a strong position in the market in which we intend to operate, and thus generate significant share value in TagMaster AB.

"TagMaster AB is a public company and Stockholm Fondkommission trades our shares in Sweden."

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